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Lake Whitney, Texas
Space Cowboy Living
Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy

Welcome to the Space Cowboy! If you're tired of the same cookie cutter short term rentals then this cabin is sure to spark that getaway excitement you've been missing. The classy, unassuming exterior gives way to a colorful, unique dreamscape on the inside. With its open space, studio style layout, you will be welcomed with out of this world design and décor. The pool table centerpiece is sure to provide hours of fun after your long days of exploring our quaint lake town. 

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Lake Whitney, Texas

 Ins and Outs

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We run off a septic system so please do not flush anything other than, bodily waste or toilet paper down toilet. Especially do not flush feminine  products.


Sofas are futon style! Pull couch away from wall, unzip back and extend leg, pull back of couch forward until it clicks then lay back down. All bedding for couches is inside the ottoman. 

Army Corp of Engineers

US Army Corps of Engineers owns the area around water. Please be respectful of vegetation, shared space, and use the pack it in pack it out method, fires are not permitted. 

Dangerous Wildlife

We are in the great outdoors in this area. Please be aware and cautious of potential wildlife hazards. Be aware of snakes, insects and wildlife. 

Pet Friendly

Dogs are allowed for $15 pet fee. Please clean up after pets.

Lake Whitney, Texas


Check Out


Place Any Used Bedding from ottomans in Laundry basket in Bathroom.

white bath towel on white ceramic bathtu

Place Dirty Towels in Laundry Basket in Bathroom 

Dish Washer

Load Dirty Dishes in bin in sink and Hosts will wash

Image by Gary Chan

Trash In Bins Outside

Image by Jaye Haych

Lock  Door and Return
Key in Lock Box

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